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Naked E.T.
Naked E.T.

Naked E.T.

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***Unfortunately, the wire for this cable has been discontinued by the manufacturer. We are working on a an alternative wire. Keep an eye on our blog for updates***
"E.T. Phone-O Home"

We've had plenty of requests for this one over the past couple years and no doubt many have used 2x of our standards RCA's as an alternative, but we're proud to finally introduce 'The XXXXX', our answer to your ongoing requests for a phono cable.

Utilising Australian Made Bambach Screened Instrumentation cable, combined with 'REAN' by Neutrik connectors, it's the perfect combination of quality Australian Made wire and well made connectors to fill your phono needs!

Also comes in a sleeved version, found here.

The boring stuff:

  • Cable Manufactured in Australia
  • Interconnect Handmade in Australia
  • Bambach Screened Instrumentation Cable
  • 7/0.50mm (1.5mm) Copper Conductors
  • Capacitance: 110 pf/m
  • Overall Diameter 8.8mm

Can be upgraded to a 'Grounded' version for $15 extra. Email us to find out more.

Available in lengths up to 15m. For lengths longer than 15m, please contact us.

We can do any length you choose, ie 5.25m. Lengths rounded up to the nearest metre. Ie for a 5.25m length, select 6m. Just send us an email at the time of order with your name or order number and we will make sure they're made correctly.

Price is per cable.

(1m cable shown)