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Naked Kingpin

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You thought our 11 AWG speaker cable was unnecessary? Introducing 'Kingpin'! Our new flagship cable offering almost half the resistance of our previous top tier cable in an 8 AWG wire made right here in Australia.

This cable is not a case of 'should we' but 'can we'. There's something about big beefy cables that we love. It also follows the number one rule of speaker cables which is 'resistance is king'. The thicker the wire, the less resistance meaning more power is carried from your amplifier/AV receiver to your speaker.

Yes it's overkill, but it's also a heap of fun and looks awesome. Given it's huge size, and extra insulation, you do lose a tad bit of flexibility so we recommend trying to avoid using this cable in tight bends though it's really not much different to our regular 11 AWG cable.

For a sleeved and branded version, click here.

The boring stuff:

  • Wire Manufactured in Australia
  • Cable Handmade in Australia
  • Comprising of 96 x 0.32mm conductors for a nominal area of 7.71mm (or approx. 8 AWG)
  • Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) to AS1125 Standards
  • Insulated with RoHS Compliant PVC to AS3808 Standards
  • Electrical Resistance – 2.4 ohm/km @ 20c
  • Insulation thickness - 0.9mm
  • Sheath thickness – 0.8mm
  • 22kg per 100m (wire only)

Available in lengths up to 15m with regular banana plugs. For lengths longer than 15m, please contact us.

We can do any length you choose, ie 5.25m. Lengths rounded up to the nearest metre. Ie for a 5.25m length, select 6m. Just send us an email at the time of order with your name or order number and we will make sure they're made correctly.

Price is per cable.

(1m cable shown)