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OG Beast Prototype - NB Audio Floorstander
OG Beast Prototype - NB Audio Floorstander
OG Beast Prototype - NB Audio Floorstander
OG Beast Prototype - NB Audio Floorstander

OG Beast Prototype - NB Audio Floorstander

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The OG Beast. Our first 3 way prototype is up for sale! These big bastards were our first trial of a 3 way kit. We've taken a different path since putting these together (namely a CNC that can't cut a speaker this big!).

These have been used as my main speakers for about 12 months prior to replacing them with our Cinema Series style speakers.

The original plan for these was leaving them as a prototype but they blew my Dali's out of the water so I ended up putting a lick of Duratex paint on them and using them myself! This does mean they're a little rough in some spots as they were handled quite frequently. They also have a removable backing plate to access the crossover (made tweaking the crossover design super easy).

I'm not going to go into detail on how these sound as we try and keep things simple here. The goal of our NB Audio Speakers is much the same as our cables. Keeping things simple, focusing on the important things and letting your imagination fill in the rest (which you will inevitably do whether you like it or not!). We strive for a neutral response using quality components resulting in low distortion high quality speakers.

Pricing doesn't even cover the parts let alone the huge amount of hours of labour on these. Original RRP of these was going to be between $3,000 - $3,500. The pricing does however cover getting told by my fiancé they're too big to be in the house anymore!

Pricing excludes shipping. The pair weigh nearly 70kg so we're striving for local pickup on this one (Barossa Valley, South Australia). We've had indicative quotes from 'Pack & Send' to ship these interstate and it came in at about $750 for major cities and up to $900 for more regional areas.


  • Frequency Response: +/-2.5db 38-18,000hz (in room response down to mid 20s)
  • Impedance: Nominal 6 ohms (minimum 4 ohms)
  • Sensitivity: 89db @ 2.83v/1meter
  • Configuration - 3 way
  • Tweeter: SB Acoustics Dome Tweeter 
  • Mid/Woofer: Tymphany 6 inch woofer
  • Woofer: Dayton 8" HF Subwoofer
  • Dimensions: 1270(H) x 300(W) x 330(D)
  • Weight: 34kg EACH (68kg for the pair).