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The Inbetweener
The Inbetweener
The Inbetweener

The Inbetweener

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Not quite heavy duty enough to be considered our Superhero, but not light enough to be our Tradie.

The Inbetweener finds itself between our 2 most common cables. It's not cool enough to hang out with the Superhero's and All Rounders but feels it's too good for the Tradies. It even dresses up in a pretty violet sheath to be noticed.

Ideal for higher omh speakers on longer runs or shorter runs on lower ohm speakers. The outer insulation is also extremely flexible making it great for in wall use and tight runs.

We strongly encourage you head over to our FAQ page for more details on these cables and why you should buy them over other cables.

Maximum Recommended Length by Speaker Ohm



2 ohm

4 ohm

6 ohm

8 ohm







Runs longer than 15m not recommended.

Technically this cable is closer to 15 awg than 16 awg, but staying true to the business name, we like to use conservative figures.

The boring stuff:

  • Wire Manufactured in Australia
  • Cable Hand Made in Australia
  • Comprising of 30 x 0.25mm conductors for a nominal area of 1.5mm (or approximately 16AWG)
  • 100% Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) to AS1125 Standards
  • Insulated with RoHS Compliant PVC to AS3808 Standards
  • Electrical Resistance – 13.3 ohm/km @ 20c
  • Insulation thickness 0.5mm with an additional ‘Violet’ outer sheath
  • 6.7kg per 100m (wire only)

Available in lengths up to 15m with regular banana plugs or spade connector. For lengths longer than 15m, please contact us.

We can do any length you choose, ie 5.25m. Lengths rounded up to the nearest metre. Ie for a 5.25m length, select 6m. Just send us an email at the time of order with your name or order number and we will make sure they're made correctly.

Price is per cable.

(1m cable shown)