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The Juiced Gymnast
The Juiced Gymnast

The Juiced Gymnast

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It's like the old gymnast took steroids!

Introducing, the 'Juiced Gymnast', our replacement for the old 'Gymnast' (now with a sleeve). The 'Juiced Gymnast' is an RCA interconnect handmade from Australian manufactured Screened Instrumentation Cable. Offering the same flexibility thanks to it's multi core design, though with ever so slightly higher capacitance which is more than made up for with new 'REAN' by Neutrik connectors. This version also comes with a black sleeve and branding for added looks.

A worthy replacement over the old Gymnast and an exciting new release!

For use in turntables, power amps, subwoofers or whenever there's a need for an RCA cable!

A 'Naked' version with no sleeving can be found here.

The boring stuff:

  • Cable Manufactured in Australia
  • Interconnect Handmade in Australia
  • Bambach Screened Instrumentation Cable
  • 7/0.40mm (1.0mm) Copper Conductors
  • Capacitance: 98 pf/m
  • Overall Wire Diameter 5.5mm

Available in lengths up to 15m. For lengths longer than 15m, please contact us.

We can do any length you choose, ie 5.25m. Lengths rounded up to the nearest metre. Ie for a 5.25m length, select 6m. Just send us an email at the time of order with your name or order number and we will make sure they're made correctly.

Price is per cable.

(1m cable shown)