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NB Speaker Cables is proud to introduce our line of Balanced XLR cables. We’re always asking what you want next and these cables consistently came back as a priority.
We like giving a theme to each type of cable we offer, for Balanced XLRs, we’ve gone with Greek Gods!
We’re offering these cables in 4 versions, 2 sleeved and of course a ‘Naked’ version along with a 'budget' version. Appropriately colored, our sleeved versions are Erebos (black sleeve), representing the personification of darkness, and Demeter, the Greek Goddess of Agriculture (green sleeve).
As with our other cables, we have sourced wire from Tycab meaning it’s manufactured in Australia. The cable we have chosen for our 'higher end' models is perfect for Balanced XLRs, it combines 2x runs of copper for the ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ connections and a shielded RG59 cable for the ground connection all housed in 10mm OD flexible PVC insulation.
This cable is THICK, so thick, we actually struggled to track down some suitable connectors for it. Thankfully, Neutrik offers an oversized connector that is the perfect match! Despite its thickness, it’s surprisingly flexible, more flexible than our RG6 RCAs.
We feel we’ve gone to another level with these cable. If anything, we probably went a little over the top! We’re not going to pretend that these are as competitively priced as our speaker cables and RCAs, but being this heavy duty while maintaining solid flexibility, being made from Australian manufactured wire and handmade to order, we still feel they’re great value!
Fortunately, we’ve released a cheaper variant along side them (called the 'Greek Demigod') for those that still want a handmade, Australian manufactured cable but can't justify the cost of our more expensive models.
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