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About Us

What is our mission?

Our mission is in our name, NB (No Bullsh*t) Speaker Cables. We want to provide good quality, ‘Aussie as possible’ cables without having to break the bank.

We don’t claim to have the ‘best’ cables or claim the title of ‘Audiophile Grade’. We simply provide Australian Made cable paired with a range of good quality plugs all at a reasonable price.

It’s as simple as that.

Who are we?

‘NB Speaker Cables’ ('NBSC' or 'No Bullshit Speaker Cables') was established in 2018 by brothers, Micah and Jeshua Miller who were born and bred in the Barossa Valley in South Australia. We have a shared love for anything tech, a trait inherited from our father. Now in our late 20s with money and space of our own, we have built our own Home Theatres and continue to enjoy and share our passion with others.

How did ‘NB Speaker Cables’ start?

It was actually formed out of frustration. I have been into tech, audio, home theatre etc all my life and finally had a pretty cool home theatre of my own which was built across multiple years and stages. As my home theatre grew, so did my knowledge. My set up was pieced together over many years which also meant all my cabling was very different. Given my mild case of OCD, I decided I would replace all my speaker cabling (including in wall wiring) for consistency and optimum sound. After scouring forums and reading Roger Russell’s ‘Speaker Wire: A History’ (fantastic read by the way, link at the bottom of this page), I decided the most cost efficient yet effective approach for my set up would be 14 gauge 100% OFC cabling, matched with Banana Plugs for convenience.

I jumped online and sourced the cheapest 14 gauge 100% OFC speaker wire I could, knowing it would provide optimal performance without breaking the bank. While I waited for it to arrive in the post, I continued my reading and discovered the rampant ‘infestation’ of CCA (Copper Clad Aluminum) claiming to be 100% OFC. ‘Mine won’t be this’ I thought, I’d paid more than what CCA was worth and the description even warned me of imitation wire claiming to be OFC that was actually CCA.

When the wire arrived, it looked good on ‘face value’. There are a couple simple tests I knew of to confirm it was OFC not CCA which I was eager to try. With much disappointment, my wire failed. It was run of the mill CCA advertised as OFC. A little defeated, I contacted the seller who handballed it to his supplier and I never heard back.

I continued my research and discovered some Australian Made speaker wire at a reasonable price that was tested and approved to Australian Standards. It wasn’t something you could just buy from ebay or off the shelf in a normal store so I contacted a friend at a local electrical wholesaler that could get some for me, pleasantly surprised at the price, I purchased a roll.

Next came short banana plug speaker cables for connecting my speakers and receiver to the wall plates. It was extremely hard to find something reasonably priced that I was confident was genuine and good quality. They either didn’t exist or were literally hundreds/thousands/tens of thousands of dollars and claimed to be ‘audiophile grade’. I didn’t want snake oil cables, I just wanted a good quality 12-16 gauge OFC cable with decent banana plugs. So I decided to make my own, which worked out substantially cheaper with equal performance. I wondered why these cables weren’t easily available and the idea of NBSC was born!

Though the initial speaker wire I bought was CCA not the claimed OFC, in the grand scheme of things, it probably would have been fine. But it wasn’t what I bought or wanted. I wanted to buy 100% OFC 14 awg cable so I could sit in my Home Theatre Room knowing that I’d done everything I can to provide the best quality sound, without having to spend thousands. A feeling we want to pass onto others while supporting local manufacturers.

It's now been nearly 5 years since we started NB Speaker Cables and we've watched our range of 4 basic cables turn into dozens of different types of audio cables including RCAs, Interconnects, Jumper's, Bi-Wire/Bi-Amp cables, have partnered up with Krix to offer a special edition cable using Krix connector and have finally released our Speaker Kits. There's no sign of slowing down and we continue to be appreciative of the support and feedback we receive.

For more information on us and our cables. Head over to our FAQ page.