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Our Friends

We haven't been on our journey long, but even in this short time we have met a lot of supportive people and businesses. This page is dedicated to the 'friends' of NB Speaker Cables who have contributed to getting us off the ground and aiding in providing affordable products for our customers.


Krix needs very little introduction here in Australia, regarded as one of the best speaker manufacturers in the world making exceptional speakers for both home and cinema for over 40 years right here in South Australia. Like us, Krix support Aussie jobs/manufacturing, something we pride ourselves on by using Australian Made Tycab wire in all our Speaker Cables. NB Speaker Cables aspires to be even half the business Krix is and it's a pleasure to be able to offer a range of products that shares their name.

If you're after speakers, Krix should be your first stop!


Space Hi-Fi

Space Hi-Fi is an Australian owned and run audio/visual business based in Chester Hill, New South Wales. David started Space Hi-Fi in 2010 and since it's inception it has grown to become one of Australia's most trusted retailers. This is largely due to an unwavering focus on the highest quality standard, first class customer service and lightning fast dispatch of all orders. We currently source our standard banana plugs and spade plugs from Space Hi-Fi. We encourage you to head over to their store to see what they're all about. You are also able to purchase the plugs we use directly from them!


Joe N Tell

Joe N Tell is a YouTube channel run by Joe Mariano where, as he says "I show stuff & tell you about it".

We met Joe on Reddit after exchanging a bit of banter about Speaker Cables and our 'Snake Oil'. We offered to send him a bottle of our 'Snake Oil' for a bit of fun and then found out he actually has a YouTube channel of his own reviewing/talking about Audio components. We decided to send out some cables as well for him to try.

His channel is very entertaining! You can check it out at here:

Joe N Tell - Youtube Channel

And you can find us featured here:

My DIY Speaker Cables - Unboxing Madness 8 of 9

and here:

Do Audio Cables Matter?


We knew Keith from EZYHD well before we started NB Speaker Cables. We had been buying his HDMI cables for years.

Keith is much like us in the fact he runs a small business focused on customer service and is passionate about what he does. Keith started EZYHD with his wife Anna, over 10 years ago and have since become the most trusted source of HDMI Cables in Australia. Keith and Anna also follow our 'No Bullsh*t' spirit with their products. Their standard HDMI cables are everything you need in a cable up to 8-10m at a price point that suits everyone.

In July of 2017, EZYHD were awarded the Ruipro distributorship for Australia and NZ. Those in the AV community know Ruipro cables very well and it's no surprise these cables have become the pick of the bunch for HDMI runs longer than 10m.

We now even offer EzyHD cables in our store: HDMI Cables

M&M Electrical

Our local M&M Electrical is where it all started. M&M electrical supplies us with the heart and soul of our cables, the Tycab Speaker Wire!

I am fortunate enough to have known the Sales Manager at my local M&M since I was just a kid! He was able to supply us with our first batch of wire and continues to help us find new avenues and products to grow our business.