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Our Vision

It’s now been nearly 5 years since we started NB Speaker Cables and we continue to be amazed at the support we’re receiving. We’ve had nothing but positive feedback and it’s encouraging us to continue providing top notch products and equally impressive customer service. We’ve now sold cables to Australia, the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Italy and even France!

I wanted to take some time to explain where we want NB Speaker Cables to go. Our goal has always been to provide quality, Australian Made cables at a reasonable price. Through your support we have been able to expand our offering to RCA cables and soon, XLR cables. With your feedback we’ve made tweaks to design and functionality. We’ve refined our processes to be more efficient and sourced improved materials from different suppliers and manufacturers.

We have the luxury of being a small business with no debt and no actual “need” for income. We have low overheads and the business doesn’t demand a huge amount of time outside making cables. We are fortunate enough to have full time jobs to fulfil the basic financial ‘needs’ in life meaning any profits (when we finally do choose to pull them out) can be spent on luxuries. Because of all this, we don’t need to lie or even twist the truth to sell our product. We pride ourselves on being honest and telling it like it is. Not everyone will agree with our philosophy on cables and that’s okay! There is a myriad of choices when it comes to speaker cables and no right or wrong!

Our longer-term vision is to offer fully customizable cables. Currently, we offer a range different speaker cables ranging between 11-17 AWG with a few different colours with banana plugs only. We want to be able to offer any length cable from 8-18 AWG, in standard, bi-wire and bi-amp in every colour variation Techflex will offer with whichever connector you can come up with (banana, z type, spade, locking etc). Unfortunately, acquiring enough materials to be able to support this many variations is expensive! But we will get there! Every order you place puts us a few dollars closer to this goal.

Edit: I wanted to bold and highlight this section because as of the 19th of June 2023, nearly 5 years on, this goal became a reality.

It’s also important to us to keep everything as Australian Made as possible. We are fortunate to have a great manufacturer in Tycab and Bambach for the heart of our cables, the wire. But we want to expand on that and have Australian made connectors and heatshrink. At the moment, there’s simply no market for Australian Made banana plugs which is why they don’t exist, we hope to change that! Even if it means sourcing the manufacturing process ourselves.

In the meantime, you’re welcome to contact us at sales@nbspeakercables.com.au with any comments, feedback or suggestions!

As always, we appreciate your support.

Jeshua & Micah Miller

NB Speaker Cables