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Bi-Wire/Bi-Amp Options

UPDATE 18th of July 2019: 

The good news is, the cable has been ordered. The bad news is, the lead time is longer than originally anticipated!

We're being told 8-10 weeks before we see it in our hands which means 10-12 weeks before it hits the website (which puts us at early October at the latest).

We're super keen on these so we will be hoping to make them available as soon as we can. We will keep you all updated on their progress!


G'day fellow audio enthusiasts!

This week alone we've had 4 inquiries about bi-wire/bi-amp cables with another 15-20+ over the past 6-12 months. I wanted to share with you where we are at with them. Long story short, they are coming!

We pride ourselves on providing Australian Manufactured speaker wire, sourcing this in a 2 core version for regular speaker cables is very easy. What we've discovered is a 4 core version, which is used for bi-wiring, is MUCH harder. While it does exist, the minimum order quantities are typically 3km+! One version we encountered was 10km! A little more than our humble little speaker cable company can offer.

We've recently been working with Bambach (another Australian manufacturer of cable) who are willing to work on a lower minimum order quantity. We expect to see the cable in our hands in the next 3-5 weeks meaning we will be ready to release the cables in 6-8 weeks (see details below for updated time frames)!

The initial run will be a 14 AWG version which suit our current banana plugs. A 12 AWG version will follow in the future but we will initially be testing the waters with the 14 AWG version. It will be offered in Naked and Sleeved versions, just like our Superhero/Villain/Vigilante cables.

In all honesty, we are not a big believer in passive bi-wiring. We feel though there might be a slight audible difference over standard wiring, it is not enough to be audible. That doesn't mean we're not willing to offer them for those that prefer them. We like to give the people what the want!

On a side note, we want to apologise for the delay in XLRs. The 'prototypes' are done, they work, we're happy with them. The delay has been in 'honing' our soldering skills now all we need to do is get some photos done and get them on the website! We're in a good position to have them launched next week!

Thank you all for your support and patience. As always, you're welcome to email us on with any comments, queries or feedback!

Jeshua & Micah Miller



  • G’day Robert!

    Thanks for the kind words! Sounds like you have a pretty badass setup! While we don’t criticise the use of ultra high end (aka expensive) cables, we certainly don’t see them as necessary. We don’t feel there is an audible difference between our cables and these ultra expensive cables (and while science/research does back us up), we encourage people to spend their money wherever they see fit!

    As for the Bi-Amp option, it’s mainly just a ‘tidiness’ thing. Some people prefer to have one run than two as it looks neater. We will be able to use the same cable in our bi-amp cables as our bi-wire so it’s an easy option to offer!

    Thanks for the comment!

    NB Speaker Cables
  • Hi Guys,

    I have multiple AV setups and have been experimenting with setting them up. I have B&W high end speakers in the man cave and Mordaunt Short in the main area and have decided to bi-amp the front the speakers in these 5.1 setups. I have been looking around at good quality cables pre-terminated to help make it a little less messy, and could not believe the range and price. Who would pay >$1000 for cables from QED or AudioQuest! They present the information convincingly but it didn’t seem to make sense to me. Then I found your site – and bonus you are Australian based. So I have ordered 5 cables for the 5.1 setup in the man cave using the vigilante (just for fun). If things go well I have 3 other setups and need a further 10 or so cables. BTW – why are you trying to make a seperate bi-amp setup? Why not just use two sets of cables? Is there some other approach I don’t understand. Cheers and love your site and the concept of your business. Fingers crossed my new cables help me get a better sound with my B&W 705 S2s. They are already pretty awesome coupled with the Marantz SR6013.

    Robert Rounsley

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