Christmas Hours, Changes to Pricing in the New Year and an Update on B – NB Speaker Cables


Christmas Hours, Changes to Pricing in the New Year and an Update on Bi-wires

Christmas Hours

NB Speaker Cables will be taking some time off over Christmas. Our last day making cables will be Wednesday the 18th of December. We will then be back on board on and making cables on Wednesday the 8th of January. 

What does this mean for orders? We will still be making up orders on Wednesday the 11th of December with the next and last run being Wednesday the 18th of December (we are busy Sunday the 15th of December!). Any orders placed after 5pm (SA Time) on Wednesday the 18th of December will be posted on Thursday the 9th of January. We may be able to squeeze in some orders over this break but this isn't guaranteed!

Changes to Pricing

For those that know us or have taken the time to read our website, you would know that NB Speaker Cables isn't our full time job. We work together managing a large construction company, which in itself has seen snowballing growth over the past 12-18 months. The same thing is happening with NB Speaker Cables, we've gone from a handful of orders a month to dozens of cables a week some weeks! We are a 2 man army when it comes to NBSC. We do everything from maintaining and marketing the website to hand making every cable sold. While we love what we do at our full time jobs and with NBSC, we need to ensure it's sustainable while having the time to enjoy our hobbies and spend time with our families. As such, we will be increasing prices from 1 January 2020. Not to worry though, it will only be a few bucks per cable here and there. We will still pride ourselves on what we believe to be the best bang for buck and no bullsh*t cables on the market!

Update on Bi-Wires

For those that followed our Bi-Wire cables debacle (see here if you didn't!), we have had some good news this week with the correct run of wire being manufactured and due for delivery mid-late Jan! Which means by early-mid Feb, we should finally be offering Bi-Wire/Bi-Amp cables! Exciting stuff!

A big thanks!

Thanks again to everyone that has supported us over the past 18 months. We still love what we do with NBSC which is why we're ensuring it stays sustainable. We're so flattered by the continuous kind feedback and thanks we get from all our NBSC users.

Much Love <3,

Micah & Jeshua Miller

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