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Fully custom speaker cables are here!

It's taken nearly 5 years, but we've finally achieved our initial goal in what we wanted to offer here at NB Speaker Cables, fully custom speaker cables!

Up until now, our customers were a little restricted in variations. Sure, we had different gauge wire options, different coloured sleeving on our 11 AWG cables and we had a few special editions which utilised different plugs. But now, you can pick and choose any variation in nearly everything we've ever offered utilising our super easy to use 'Speaker Cable Builder'! Want a Naked 13 AWG speaker cables with banana plugs? You can do that. Want a 14 AWG speaker cable with red sleeve, spade plugs on one end and Krix on the other? You can do that! 

On top of that, we've made a few design changes and upgrades to our cables.


So exactly what's changing?

  • Fully custom cables including wire gauge, length, sleeving colour and plug type creating thousands of different combinations to suit a wide range of budgets, aesthetic and equipment requirements.
  • Stiff heatshrink ends replaced with soft and flexible cable 'pants'
  • All cables, including our Naked line will now have NB Speaker Cables branding
  • All existing cables (with the exception of the Kingpin) will be absorbed into one product.
  • Simplified buying process. While our names and variations were fun, it could get a little confusing working out what the difference was between each cable.  Our 'Speaker Cable Builder' will replace these individual product pages.
  • Sadly, our 17AWG Tradie cable will be discontinued. Demand in the past 12 months has been almost non existent and it isn't compatible with our standard sleeving. We thank the Tradie for it's contributions these past few years!
  • You'll notice some changes to the website including changes to our FAQ pages and a 'Custom Speaker Cable Build Guide' to suit the updated offering.

What stays the same?

  • Australian Made wire in ALL speaker cables
  • Cables handmade to order
  • Maximum 1 week turnaround times will remain
  • The Kingpin! We couldn't find cable pants large enough to suit this big beast so have chosen to keep this cable the same so we can continue to offer it.
  • Interconnects will remain the same but we plan on offering the same customisation (albeit on a simpler level) in the near future.

Head over to our 'Speaker Cable Builder' and Speaker Cable Builder - Bi-Amp/Bi-Wire pages to build your cable!

We will have a limited supply of heatshrink to recreate our old cables for those that want to match their existing NB Speaker Cables.

Thanks to all those that have supported us over the years and made this possible. Every cable you buy supports not only us and our determination to continue offering quality products but supports Australian manufacturing and keeping money local!

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