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Introducing Proteus, our new XLR cable

Proteus, a Greek God of the sea, capable of changing form at will.

Introducing Proteus, a Balanced 3 pin XLR interconnect made from Australian Manufactured Instrumentation cable matched with Neutrik connectors. Named after the Greek God Proteus, associated with Protean meaning flexible/versatile. 

This is definitely the XLR we've been missing. Don't get us wrong, we love our Erebos/Demeter but where they fell short was flexibility. Proteus more than fixes that while offering significantly better screening than our previous Greek Demigod. It also comes in a 'Naked' and 'Sleeved' version like all our other cables for those that prefer to keep costs down or go all out and have their setup looking cool too.

This cable offers improvements across the board over our the Greek Demigod and we were able to achieve this with a minor increase in cost, as such, we have discontinued our Greek Demigod.'

To find out more, click the links below:

- Proteus

- Naked Proteus


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