NB Speaker Cables has partnered up with Krix to release our 'Krix Edit


NB Speaker Cables has partnered up with Krix to release our 'Krix Edition' Speaker Cable

NB Speaker Cables has partnered up with Krix to improve our already solid offering of speaker cables to include the 'Krix Edition'.

Our 'Krix Edition' range of speaker cables share the same Australian Made 11 AWG speaker wire as our Vigilante/Superhero/Villain cables but instead they are paired with higher quality BFA style banana plugs by Krix. 

Like our other cables, our 'Krix Edition' speaker cables are just as 'no bullsh*t'. We don't claim that these will do anything fancy over our existing range, though BFA style banana plugs do offer a higher contact area vs regular banana plugs, is this audible? Probably not! What you will be getting is a cable that further supports Australian jobs/businesses, encourages partnerships with a shared goal in the Australian audio industry and of course the bragging rights of some pretty cool looking cables that carry the Krix name.

Krix needs very little introduction here in Australia, regarded as one of the best speaker manufacturers in the world making exceptional speakers for both home and cinema for over 40 years right here in South Australia. Like us, Krix support Aussie jobs/manufacturing, something we pride ourselves on by using Australian Made Tycab wire in all our Speaker Cables. NB Speaker Cables aspires to be even half the business Krix is and it's a pleasure to be able to offer a range of products that shares their name.

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