NB Speaker Cables now offer Interconnects!


NB Speaker Cables now offer Interconnects!

You asked, we delivered! NB Speaker Cables now offer interconnects!

Following the same philosophy as our speaker cables, these interconnects are handmade to order and are everything you need in an interconnect without the hefty price tag.

We have kept things simple with basic unbalanced audio cables (aka RCA's) for use in connecting turntables, subwoofers, pre-amps etc.

As with Speaker Wire, there are important factors which make an optimal cable. With Speaker Wire it's low resistance through thicker cable, where as with line level unbalanced audio cable, it's all about capacitance and shielding. A low capacitance cable reduces roll off (more specifically at higher frequencies) while the dual and quad shielding reduces/avoids interference from other devices. Coaxial cable is the 'go to' which ticks both these boxes.

Here at NB Speaker Cables, we offer 2 options. The 'Bodybuilder' and the 'Gymnast'. Our 'Bodybuilder' Cable is designed around performance, while the 'Gymnast' cable is designed around flexibility. We offer the bodybuilder in 'Naked' and 'Sheathed'. As with our Speaker Cables, our naked version is the same cable, but without the added outer sheath which adds durability and branding which keeps things personal.

As with Speaker Cable, some will be able to tell the difference in quality, most will not when comparing the higher gauge cable to the lower gauge cable. If you're after the best chance of giving your set up the best performance or have a keen ear, go the 'Bodybuilder'. If you need a little more flexibility in your cable (ie tight turns in small cabinets) then go the 'Gymnast', we doubt you will be able to hear the difference anyway!

Check them out here.

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