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New Cables on the Horizon!

G'day friends!

We can't thank you all enough for your support over the past 6 months. While the sales have far exceeded our expectations, what has really blown us away is the messages, feedback and conversations we've been having with the audio community.

We endeavor to make even the simplest/smallest orders a personal experience with personalised messages/updates on every order. What has been great is the responses/conversations/banter we've been getting back. Because the experience is tailored, we find the responses from you are too. We regularly get customers sending photos of their cables in action, how they compare with other cables they have and details of the systems. We encourage that sort of stuff and love speaking with you all about your systems and preferences so keep it coming!

Because of all the support, we are able to expand our range/offering. We have had many requests for different types of cables from Balanced XLRs to even iPhone lightening cables. We are happy to offer anything and everything people want, so keep the suggestions coming, but, we also need to prioritise!

One of our main priorities was a simple black sleeved cable. Our Superhero and Villain are a little 'out there' so we will be offering a simple blacked sleeved cable (stay tuned for the name) from next week.

In addition to this, we will be running a 'limited edition' cable to celebrate Australia Day! This will be a limited release and for a bit of fun only. We haven't got a heap of the material to make these cables so it'll be 'first in best dressed'! If they're super popular, we can always order in a little more but they will only be available for a week or so. We will also be running a giveaway for 2x 2m versions of these so keep an eye out for the giveaway post on Facebook!

Thanks again for all your support!

Lots of love <3

Micah and Jesh

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