New Heatshrink – NB Speaker Cables


New Heatshrink


NBSC will be changing over the heatshrink used in a large portion of our cables. Previously, we have used a glue lined heatshrink which we have cut to length ourselves. We have since been in touch with a new supplier who will be able to cut our heatshrink to length using their machine. The benefits of this will be consistency and accuracy through a higher quality product as well as extra flexibility.

Our previous heatshrink was a generic brand, the new heatshrink is actually made by 'Techflex', the same manufacturers of our sleeving.

The change will affect all our speaker cables with the exception of our 'Krix Edition', the design of this cable requires thicker heatshrink. We may however look at updating the design in the future.

Below is a comparison pic of the old (left) and new (right) heatshrink. It is a deeper red, thinner and more flexible so keep this in mind when matching it up to any previous cables purchased. We do have a limited amount of the old heatshrink left over so if you're wanting to match your old cables, let us know and we can use the old stuff for as long as we have stock!


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