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NBSC Update and Order Processing Time Frames - March 2021

It's been another massive 12 months for NBSC and we continue to be amazed and flattered by the support we've been receiving and the feedback we've been getting about our cables. While I won't bore you with our life story (to skip the boring bits, head down below to see our new processing time frames), we feel what differs us from a lot of companies out there (especially in the audio industry) is our transparency and honesty when it comes to our products and processes which is why I wanted to give you all a little update on where we're at and what the future looks like for NBSC.

We've now got help!

In the past 6 months, we have been getting help from a friend in assembling our cables. We will do a little spiel about our new member of the team (Mark) in the coming months but we were very fortunate to find someone who was willing and capable of meeting the same standards we expect of ourselves when assembling all our cables. As a electrician by trade, he picked it up almost instantly and has even introduced new techniques and efficiencies in our processes. By having Mark join the team we have been able to share the work load and focus on all aspects of our life (work and personal) without sacrificing the products and services we offer.

New & Modified Cables

We're continually mucking around with different cable offerings and have a few more on the horizon. We are (if I get my $hit together) just weeks away from offering a couple new cables, with the most exciting being a step up from our Vigilante cable... an 8 AWG version whose name will be revealed soon. Yes, 8 AWG is way overkill (even more so than the 11 AWG version) but hey, we do it because we can and we know resistance is king when it comes to speaker cables.

Unfortunately, while for us the wire used in our Dr Octopus cable has been extremely popular, it's just not enough to have a full run for the manufacturer meaning this wire will be discontinued in the near future. We have possibly found a few alternatives and given it's popularity will definitely be coming up with something, but the life of old mate Dr Octopus is currently in limbo. We do have a limited amount left so if you're after bi-wire and bi-amp cables, now's the time!

DIY Speaker Kits

To my fiancés dismay, this has been a massive focus for us the past few months, just when she thought I couldn't spend any more time in my workshop, I further indulge in my love of audio and pursue speaker building, more specifically designing speakers that will suit DIY kits. It's taking a little longer than we would have liked, but these ARE coming and will be starting with a very DIY friendly 2 way before no doubt evolving into a much more comprehensive range. For those that keep an eye on us on our Social Media, you would be following the progress and had a sneak peak of the bookshelf design we've been working on.

Life outside of NBSC

Things are looking pretty different for the brothers behind NBSC going into 2021. We have finished up our full time roles at our other jobs to focus on a new venture of our own within the same industry. While this has added some much appreciated flexibility, those that run small businesses know how much time and energy businesses can consume... let alone now having 2 with one being in start up phase!

What this does mean is to maintain a healthy balance between our work and personal lives, we will be changing up our ordering processing time frames.  

New Order Processing Time Frames

As all our cables are custom made to order, from the 1st of March 2021 there will be a up to a 1 week lead time on all cable orders from day of placing the order to when the cable is made with the cables being posted the next business day.

As an example, if you place an order on a Monday, the cable will be made by the following Monday and posted the next day on the Tuesday. Fortunately, this will be a worse case scenario with the majority of orders still expected to be made within 2-3 business days and posted the following business day but we do ask your work on the 1 week lead time to avoid disappointment over time frames.

As always, we appreciate your support and patience and look forward to a big 2021!


The Team at NBSC

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