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The Vigilante, The Powerlifter and the Limited Edition 'Boxing Kangaroo' cables are now available! Plus an update on future products and our giveaway.

Heya friends!

Good news! We've released some new cables! We've acknowledged (and agreed) with your feedback that our Superhero and Villain cables are a little 'out there'. While these cables are a heap of fun, we needed something to offset all the madness and have toned it down a little with our 'Vigilante' cable. Made with the same wire, the 'Vigilante' has opted for a more modest all black sleeve to blend in with the rest of your system. 

We've applied the same logic to our Interconnects and have added the 'Powerlifter' to the line up which is made up of the same RG6 Coaxial cable found in the 'Bodybuilder'.

All this normality was a bit much, so to keep things exciting we're doing a Limited Edition 'Boxing Kangaroo' AND combining it with a giveaway. This little number will be available until Monday the 4th of February so get in quick if you want to jag one.

Details of the giveaway can be found here.

As a bit of a brief update, we have had a lot of suggestions for Balanced XLR cables so will be making this our next priority. We just need to sort out some suitable wire that is manufactured in Australia and adequate, well priced plugs. As usual, we will be offering a naked and sleeved version. We are open to suggestions about the name too so feel free to flick through your suggestions.

As always, we very much thank you all for your support and are just an email away if you have any questions, comments or feedback.


Micah & Jeshua

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