United States Shipping Update – NB Speaker Cables


United States Shipping Update

Hi crew!

We've been getting a heap of interest from the US market in regards to our speaker cables thanks to our good friend Joe N Tell from the US who recently did a YouTube video on our cables.

With the current exchange rate between the AUD and USD being about $0.70, it's a very good time to be making Australian purchases for our US friends.

Currently, 27% of the traffic to NB Speaker Cables is people from the US! As such, it's time we offered a more simplistic system for purchasing our cables for US orders. Up until now, we've requested you email us for a quote, we do up an invoice, email it to you and an order can be placed that way. But now, it's all automated! All of our products have been updated with individual weights so postage is accurately calculated. We have different shipping weights ranging from 'up to 1kg' to 20kg.

Shipping charges for the different weights are as follows:

Up to 1kg - $37.70

1kg - 2kg - $61.40

2kg - 5kg - $86.90

5kg - 10kg - $127.40

10kg - 20kg - $195.90

All prices are in AUD and DO NOT include any import charges/taxes charged once they arrive in the US.

To give you a bit of an idea, our most common order is 2x 3m Villain/Superhero cables which comes in at about 0.92kg (which falls into the first category and therefore costs $37.70 to post).

Our US friends can purchase any of the products on our site but we do discourage large 'wire only' orders (ie 100m of unterminated speaker wire) as it's very heavy and expensive to post and just all round poor value for money.

Shipping charges are purely based on what AusPost charge us for the different weight ranges, we simply pass the cost on to allow international orders.

All international shipping orders include tracking, though to be honest, it's very sporadic! Our last international order notified us when it left the country and didn't have any updates until it arrived almost 5 days later. Australia Post indicate a shipping time of '5 business days' but we encourage everyone to allow at least 10-12 business days before contacting us. AusPost struggle to get domestic orders out within 5 business days let alone international ones! 

Currently we only offer 'standard' shipping. But if you do want express, you're welcome to contact us for a quote. 

This service is currently only offered for US orders but if there is interest from other countries, we can add them in. For now, use the old system of emailing us.

We appreciate all your orders and are still overwhelmed with the support we are getting. We've got a couple little cable ideas in the works which we expect to announce in the next couple weeks so stay tuned!

Lots of love <3

Micah and Jeshua Miller

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