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Update on 'Out of Stock' items

While perusing our site, you may have noticed we have quite a few cables marked as 'Out of Stock'. I just wanted to touch on a few of the reasons why and what's planned for each cable.

Unfortunately, the main reason for a couple of our cables being out of stock is they wire used in the cables is being discontinued. Currently this affects our Dr Octopus, E.T. cable and soon our Juiced Gymnast along with possibly our Bodybuilder. As you all know, every one of our cables uses wire made here in Australia. Unfortunately, due to cost, most companies are now purchasing imported cable, mostly from China. In most instances, the end user won't even know what cable they're receiving so from a businesses perspective, as long as the cable ticks all the minimum requirements, they may as well get the cheapest cable possible. Given the extremely low cost of manufacturing in places like China, this means the cheapest option won't be Australian made. What this has led to is lower demand for local product and local manufacturers unable to justify manufacturing certain types of cables. 

Dr Octopus: We have managed to find a suitable alternative for the Dr Octopus but could only source it in a grey sleeve. He will be getting a bit of a name change but will continue to do what he does best!

E.T.: We only found out very recently that this wire is also being discontinued. We bought the last small roll left in the country and are currently looking for alternatives. Fortunately, it looks like we have a fair few options here so a replacement shouldn't be far away!

Juiced Gymnast: Currently one of our most popular cables. While it has been discontinued, there is still a decent amount of stock around so we have bought up as much as reasonably possible which will give us plenty of time to come up with an alternative. 

Bodybuilder: Since the introduction of the Juiced Gymnast, sales of the Bodybuilder are bordering on non-existent! It was the first 'non speaker cable' we offered and it will be sad to see it go.

Fortunately for our Superhero, Inbetweener and Demeter cables, we are simply out of stock of the wire or sleeve with more expected soon.

We continue to be humbled by the support and feedback we receive. But also know that when you buy from us, you also make a small contribution to maintaining local manufacturing which we think is pretty special!

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