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Can of Worms

Can of Worms

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Burn in, cryogenic treatment, skin effect, directional cable, cable elevators... all claims made over the past 50+ years of audio that someone, at some point has claimed to improve the audio quality of your cables.

Here at NB Speaker Cables, we call bullsh*t on these claims. What we believe in, is low resistance and achieving that through higher gauge wire. We also believe in cool looking cables. Not because they improve the audibility of our cables, but because we believe a good looking system deserves a good looking cable.

We also believe in supporting Aussies in any way we can, which is why all our speaker wire is made here in Australia.

There's no right or wrong, if you believe any of these pseudosciences improve your listening experience whether through placebo or actual audible improvement, by all means, part with your money!

What is certain when it comes to these claims is the can of worms it opens when they're mentioned. To save you the trouble of digging up your garden to acquire the worms, we can provide you with a can of worms, free of charge which you can use in your discussions over cable myths :).

As with our other mock products, this is a bit of a joke! You won't get anything by ordering this.