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Bundled Interconnect Builder
Bundled Interconnect Builder
Bundled Interconnect Builder

Bundled Interconnect Builder

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If there's one thing we love as audio/home theatre junkies, it's tidy cabling! After many requests and custom orders. we felt it was time to add bundled interconnects to our standard range. Instead of running each individual cable loosely, you now have the option to bundle them up to really tidy up the cables behind your equipment.

We understand that requirements will vary based on your system so we've also added the option to change the "split" at each end to make sure we can reach each of your input/outputs.

Currently only offered in black sleeving due to stocked sleeving constraints but as always, we can do custom builds for an extra cost so contact us if you'd to look at your options.


  • Plug Type: Start by selecting plug type, RCA or XLR. This will apply to both ends (RCA one end and XLR the other can be done as a custom cable). All plugs have a black ring but we can do different coloured rings (up to 5 different colours), contact us for more info.
  • Bundle Quantity: Select how many cables you want in the bundle. Currently offered in 3 5 and 7 bundles as these are the most common arrangements for home theatre. Custom quantities and any more than 7 will require a custom order.
  • Length: This is the overall length of the cable including the splits. Currently offered in 1m, 2m, and 3m lengths. For longer lengths or custom lengths, please contact us. 
  • Labelling: This adds DYMO labels to each end to easily identify cables instead of using "trial and error" or a multimeter (see attached images for an example). Enter each label separated by a comma ie "FL, FR, C" etc. Please keep the labels to 4 letters each.
  • Split Length: This is the length of the split at each end of the cable. The best way to calculate this is to measure the length between the 2 farthest inputs on each device (see attached image) and multiply it by 1.75. Ie, if the length between the two inputs is 300mm, the split would be 525mm. This gives enough slack to reach each input and not put too much pressure on the plugs but also keeps things as neat as possible. This will be larger on amplifiers but generally quite tight on the AVR end. We will make this a minimum 150mm if a lower figure is inputted. If in doubt, more is better! Please also make sure to put the unit type as well (ie mm, cm, inches etc). Contact us if you need help with this. Alterations to cables for incorrect values will be charged accordingly.


  • Custom handmade to order
  • 100% Australian Made wire
  • Screened Audio Cable offering very high EMI resistance
  • Neutrik (or REAN by Neutrik) plugs on all offerings
  • NB Speaker Cables branded

Wire Specs:

  • Wire Manufactured in Australia
  • 16/0.20mm (0.5mm) Copper Conductors
  • 80% Copper Braided Screening
  • Highly flexible 5V90 PVC Screening
  • Overall Wire Diameter 5.6mm