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Speaker Kit FAQ

FAQs are my favourite. Especially with new releases. Most of these questions haven’t been frequently asked (or even asked at all!) but it’s a good way to start a conversation and answer some questions you didn’t even know you had!

Are your speaker kits ‘Audiophile’ Grade?

We kick off our Speaker Cable FAQ with the same question, except speaker building is far more complex than the humble cable. Best to have a read of our methodology below which will better answer this question.

What is your speaker kit methodology?

Methodology… isn’t that a fancy word for describing the humble act of building a speaker. I’ll try and sum it up as best as I can…

Our goal is to build an objectively good speaker within certain budget and buildability constraints. This naturally means focusing on the ‘pareto principle’, better known as the ‘80/20’ rule. In speaker building this means sourcing quality components and striving for a relatively flat response in a desired frequency range limited by budget and enclosure parameters. We’re lucky that quality components are manufactured very cost effectively now and going over and above the components we have chosen quickly results in diminishing returns.

We could absolutely build a better speaker. But that will come at a cost which isn’t the goal of most of our kits. I have no doubt our kits will progress but for now we’re focusing on fun DIY kits which we’re confident the end user will thoroughly enjoy!

How easy are your kits to build?

Our kits are targeted at first timers. You need almost no knowledge of woodworking or speaker building experience to pull these off. Our guides are comprehensive and take you step by step through every stage of the building process. We even have ‘optional’ steps which can be ignored if you’re not fussy (or don’t have the required tools) and want to make the process as quick and easy as possible.

How ‘Australian Made’ are your kits?

We’ve done the best we can here. Unfortunately, speaker components are pretty niche so there’s not a huge market to produce them here. In saying that, the MDF used in our cabinets, wire used in the crossover and dampening material are all made here in Australia. We do source reputable parts for everything else including SB Acoustics and MarkAudio drivers and Dayton crossover components.

What’s included in your kits?

Best to have a look at our main speaker page. We have multiple offerings ranging from plans only right up to pre-cut CNC cabinets.

What tools/consumables do I need to build your kits?
There are some tools which are a requirement, others just make for easier assembly or a better finish. Upon placing your order, you will receive and email within 24 hours about everything you will need to assemble your speaker including the guide itself. Here’s a bit of a run down of the main items to get you started:

  • Required:
    • Glue
    • Clamps or a brad nailer (preferably both)
    • Allen Key
    • Soldering iron and solder (if assembling crossover)
    • Wire cutting tool
    • Crimping tool (pliers can work here)
    • Wood filler/putty (if nailing/screwing cabinets together)
    • Sandpaper and paint/wrap for finishing speaker
    • Patience
  • Optional:
    • Router
    • Roundover bit
    • Wire stripping tool

Do you have intentions of adding more kits?

We sure do! High on the priority list is a passive subwoofer based on the MartySubs. It’s what we continually get asked for. We’ve also been dabbling with a high sensitivity, horn loaded ‘Home Theatre’ speaker we are super keen to release. No doubt a 3 way will follow soon after.

What support do you offer?

There’s a phone number in our guide which gives you direct contact to me, Jeshua Miller, the founder and director of NB Speaker Cables who also designed these kits from the ground up!

I stuffed up a piece. Do you offer replacement parts?

We sure do. Flick us an email and we can post you out a replacement part for a small cost + postage.

What equipment do I need to drive the speaker?

Currently, all our kits are passive meaning you will require an amp/or AV receiver to pair with your speaker. Our current speakers can dip to 4 ohms so a 4 ohm capable amp/receiver is recommended but not a necessity if you don’t plan on pushing these speakers too hard.

I have my own design, can you cut me a cabinet?

We sure can! This requires drawing your speaker in our software and cutting it on our CNC. Flick us an email at sales@nbspeakercables.com.au and we can start discussing options. Pricing varies greatly and is based on the size and complexity of the cabinets.

How much is postage for my kit?

Free Standard postage is included in all our kits.

How long until my kit is posted?

Standard kits will be posted within 1-3 business days. If you have chosen the 'Engraving' option, please allow 3-5 business days. All kits will be sent by AusPost (or courier for larger kits).