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Another one bites the dust...

Sadly, today we've been informed that another one of the wires we use in many of our interconnects is being discontinued by the manufacturer due to low demand. This follows the ceasing of production of a similar wire last year which we used in our ET cable.

As a result, the following cables will be showing 'Out of Stock':

- The Juiced Gymnast
- The Naked Juiced Gymnast
- The Greek Gymnast
- The Naked Greek Gymnast
- Proteus
- Naked Proteus
This is the majority of our interconnects, with the exception of our RG59 based XLRs.
Unfortunately, this is the result of larger companies purchasing imported cables instead of sourcing from local manufacturers. What's confusing in this instance, is the imported version is approximately 10% more expensive based on the quotes we've received.
This is why we need to support 'Australian Made' where possible, not just in our audio cables, but in everything we buy. The less we support local manufacturing, the less products will be made here resulting in money going off shore instead of supporting local businesses and keeping Aussies employed.
Fortunately, there are alternatives and we expect to re-release all these cables in the next few weeks so sit tight and keep an eye out for updates!
Jeshua Miller & Micah Miller

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