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Interconnects are not only back, but they've had an upgrade!

Last month we were informed the wire used in almost all of our Interconnects had been discontinued. As a result, we had to put the majority of our Interconnects out of stock and start searching for a new wire.

Working with Bambach Australia, we have been able to source not only a new wire but an upgraded one! Offering improved EMI shielding and flexibility, the Juiced Gymnast MK2 wire more than fills the shoes of our previous generation wire.

Being a more intricate wire to manufacture, it is quite a bit more expensive so we have had to bump up the price of these cables over our previous generation. The good news is, it's only a few bucks on shorter lengths where most of the demand is for Interconnects so we're fortunate to stay competitive.

All of our Interconnects are now back in stock. In addition, the new wire will be suited to Phono RCAs so the ET will be back soon!

You can check out each interconnect here:

Thanks for your patience as we worked to get these back online. We were lucky these weren't out of action for long.


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