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Introducing 'The Elitist' - Our "High End" Cable

We all know at least one dickhead that dresses fancy and thinks he's better than everyone else, when it comes to our cable range, this is that guy! Introducing 'The Elitist', our excuse to sell a "high end" cable.

This is also our answer to those requesting a more 'refined' looking cable that matches the looks of our pricey competitors (without the price tag of course). No need to add a bottle of snake oil to this bad boy, it's already drenched in it!

Staying true to our name, we're not going to pretend this cable will audibly perform any better than our other range of cables. At the end of the day, it's still the humble copper wire at the heart of the cable that does all the work. The Elitist is just more dressed up and satisfies the demand for a more traditional looking high end cable.

One thing we do love about this cable is the new wire we've sourced. One of the shortfalls of flat cables is flexibility, the Elitist instead uses a circular sheath/insulation with a more flexible PVC sheath compared to our other range of cables. This combined with a thinner, higher strand count, totalling 14 AWG, makes for a highly flexible cable (you can quite literally tie it in a tight knot!) while still providing a more than adequate gauge to reduce power loss. This is all dressed up with Techflex sleeving, cable pants (vs our typical heatshrink) and fancy looking plugs.

While this cable does start venturing into 'pricey' territory and certainly won't be for everyone, it will satisfy those craving that high end look without having to pay thousands. As with all our cables, you're also getting a handmade cable using Australian Made wire.

You can find it here: The Elitist

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