Price increase from 1 August 2021 due to increase in copper prices – NB Speaker Cables


Price increase from 1 August 2021 due to increase in copper prices

For those that follow the commodity indexes, you would know that metals have seen a significant increase in prices with out humble friend Copper being no exception rising over 50% in the past 12 months.

With Copper being the heart and soul of our cable, it's no surprise that this affects us. Between our wholesaler and ourselves, we have been able to largely absorb this. Despite the large increase in cost, the majority has not been passed on up until now however with the new financial year rolling over and our first delivery of wire happening this month, we have seen a pretty hefty jump in pricing!

Unfortunately, this does mean we will have to increase the price of our cables with speaker cables being the most affected given they contain the most copper, the good news is it will only be a few % on most of our cables meaning only a few bucks here and there. Interconnects will see a smaller increase given there's less copper in these cables.

As always, we appreciate the love and support and look forward to a busy and fun 2021.

Jeshua & Micah Miller

NB Speaker Cables

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