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They're herrrrrre!

Hey boys and girls!

We're super excited to announce that our new cables have dropped AND we have redesigned our existing ones. We hinted at a new release a few weeks ago and followed it up with some sneak pics a few days ago. So what's new???

New Cables:

Firstly, we have beefed up the 'The Superhero' and added 'The Villain'. While we loved our original Superhero (and still do), we wanted to be able to offer something a little more in line with the looks and character of our competitors. The benefit of our cables, still a sh!tload cheaper ;).

Here are NB Speaker Cables we understand that enjoying audio is sometimes more than just about the sound produced, it's about the visual impact of your system. We designed these new cables for those that also want a fun looking cable to compliment their awesome sounding system.

These new cables will perform very similar (if not identical) to the original Superhero, as they are made with the same 11 AWG wire. We have added an outer sleeve for extra protection and given them a little more personality by using a red and blue sleeve for the Superhero (think Superman) and a green sleeve for the Villain (think the Riddler or Green Goblin).

Both cables now also come with branding meaning our cables are becoming even more personalised and reputable.

But do not fret! We still have our original Superhero. We have simply renamed it, the 'Naked Superhero/Villain'. The name makes sense, right ;)?! 

Existing Cables:

We have also redesigned all our existing cables based on your feedback.

1. We have removed the outer sleeve from our plugs. We asked our biggest supporters (the reddit community) which style they preferred and it was unanimous, hence the change. This has reduced the chance of conductors touching and causing a short (and we think it looks 'neater').

2. We have extended the length of each conductor leading to the plug. Our old cables started at about 60mm (from base of conductor to tip of plug) which stretched out to around 80mm. We have pushed this out further to 115mm. This adds flexibility and makes them easier to plug in to speakers/avrs/wall plates with wider separating binding posts.

3. New heat shrink. We have sourced some thinner heat shrink which is more flexible than the previous stuff we used while still as durable as it needs to be. We also liked the deeper red colour of the new heat shrink. 

4. No longer offering Spade Plugs... sorta. We haven't had a single order for Spade Plugs. Which is quite surprising! Therefore, to keep the product offering clean and simple, we will no longer be offering Spade Plugs on any of our cables. Thankfully we ordered a small amount when starting up so do have some leftover. Email us if you're desperate for a Spade Plug cable and we can sort something out.


As we mentioned in our earlier update, we will be increasing prices across the board to keep NB Speaker Cables financially viable while maintaining a reasonable work load with our full time jobs and spending time with family and friends. These price changes have now kicked in. As you can see by checking out our cables, we are still well below the market in regards to cost and are one of the few (if not only) company that make their speaker cables from Australian Made wire.

Free Shipping: 

The new pricing isn't all bad news! Part of our price increase means free standard shipping with no minimum quantity or order value on all cables. Express shipping will also now be free for orders over $200 instead of over $300. I hate paying for shipping as much as you do, so it only makes sense to offer this.

Returning Customers:

For those that have purchased from us before:

1. Thank you so much! You've made this all possible.

2. Contact us for a discount on new cables ;).

3. If you want to purchase old versions of our cables under the old pricing, please contact us. We still have materials leftover so can make them up for a limited time.

More exciting stuff coming:

We are always open to feedback/suggestions and it's certainly been coming in! While we can't cater to everyone with everything, there has been a pretty strong push for Interconnects (specifically RCA Cables). We were super close to releasing these (as close as these past few days!), we have just had some hiccups and frustrations with the plugs themselves. We just weren't happy with their durability and felt they didn't meet the same standard as our speaker cable. We're taking a different angle on these and will keep you posted, but expect a release very soon!

Despite all these changes, NB Speaker Cables will still be true to it's name and continue to be an option for cost effective, 'no bullshit', Australian Made cables.

Be sure to contact us with any questions or comments. Those reading this have made this all possible and we're always here to help <3.

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