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Update on our speaker and speaker kit range

Remember when we said we were working on speaker kits? Well… we still are! The idea took a back seat for a few months while we focused on our cables but we’ve been back working on it and still fully intend on releasing a range of ‘beginner friendly’ speaker kits in the near future.
One of the biggest stumbling blocks we had was the CNC we were using. While the end result was more than adequate, producing the kits was tedious, took a lot of tweaking and slowing things right down to hit acceptable repeatability. The good news is, we’ve done a heap of upgrades to get the CNC where we want it to be! A big thanks to CNC3D for the parts and support.
In addition to a range of our own speaker kits, we will now have the confidence in our CNC to cut custom cabinets to customer requirements. Designing a speaker from the ground up can be a rewarding experience but achieving a perfectly cut cabinet can be difficult, frustrating (and sometimes expensive!) for a beginner. We intend on offering a service which replaces that frustration with better than mm perfect cabinets without the need for a range of tools.
In the meantime, we’ve started a Facebook group tailored to beginners living in Australia getting into speaker building. There are plenty of excellent DIY speaker building groups on Facebook but the content can be extremely overwhelming for beginners. We want focus on the basics so beginners can build up to the more technical builds some of these groups often feature. We’ll add content over time, but if you’re interested in the next level of enjoying audio which involves building your own speakers, jump in the group and sit tight for updates:
Happy listening (and soon… building!)
Micah & Jeshua Miller

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