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Build your interconnect from the ground up choosing length, plug type (each end) and sleeving.

An RCA Male to RCA Male is a typical Unbalanced Interconnect to connect subwoofers, power amps, turntables etc.

A XLR Male to XLR female is a typical 3 Balanced Interconnect for use in home audio, professional audio or whenever there's a need for a a 3 pin balanced interconnect.

You also have the option of an RCA to XLR cable. This is most typically a RCA Male to XLR Male cable and used when you have a mix of RCA and XLR input//outputs in your components. 

For Stereo RCAs (Phono cables) and stereo XLR cables, head over to our 'Bundled Interconnect Builder' page found here.


  • Custom handmade to order
  • 100% Australian Made wire
  • Screened Audio Cable offering very high EMI resistance
  • Neutrik (or REAN by Neutrik) plugs on all offerings
  • Thousands of combinations to suit budget, aesthetics and equipment requirements
  • NB Speaker Cables branded

Wire Specs:

  • Wire Manufactured in Australia
  • 16/0.20mm (0.5mm) Copper Conductors
  • 80% Copper Braided Screening
  • Highly flexible 5V90 PVC Screening
  • Overall Wire Diameter 5.6mm

For more information on each option, head over to our "Custom Interconnect Build Guide" found here.

Cables are sold as each. As there may be different requirements for each cable, we offer them individually. 

We're working on functionality that updates the cable images with your selections but it's proving difficult so be mindful that for now, the images shown are stock images and don't represent your cable choice.